Recruitment Process

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Recruitment Process

Post by AGN Owl on Mon May 25, 2015 8:12 pm

When recruiting a member into AGN you must be at least an MGST to do this process on your own, if not contact someone in your chain of command that is a MGST or higher to moderate for you.

1.) Read them the Network rules, and make sure that they agree to them.

2.) Get them in uniform, Their motto should say: PROSPECT AGN (COMPANY NAME) Note: this will be all caps.

Then in their bio it should say: Rec. by (recruiter’s gamertag) on 00/00/00 (date)

3.) Make sure they send a friend request to their respective company tag. Ex. AGN EXODUS

4.) Make sure their mottos and bios are open. If not walk them through how to do this from their privacy settings on the dashboard.

Note: When you bring someone in as a prospect they need at least 5 approvals from 5 different members to join as a full member (at least 2 of these need to be 2LTs or higher) and if they get 3 negative approvals from any 3 members at anytime they will not be allowed to join. So make sure you introduce your new recruits to other members especially in your company so they can get the approvals they need to become a full member of AGN.

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